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Morris Grants Development Office Proposal Checklist

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Brainstorm and Plan

Discuss your plans with discipline colleagues and division chair.

  • Contact the Grants Development Office with your funding needs and/or ideas.
  • Obtain the proposal guidelines issued by the sponsor.
  • Determine the number and type of personnel needs.
  • Identify equipment and/or supply needs.
  • Obtain specs and costs of any equipment.

Draft and Prepare

  • Prepare the proposal abstract, summary, and narrative. (The Grants Office is available for assistance with proposal development.)
  • Use appropriate forms and adhere to formatting and page number guidelines.
  • Prepare the proposal budget. (The Grants Office is available for assistance with budget development.)
  • Include all necessary expense items (project personnel and required effort; equipment costs; supply costs; travel costs; publication costs; undergraduate research costs; cost-share requirements, if any).
  • Use correct rates for F & A (Facilities and Administration, aka indirect costs) and fringe benefits.
    • Assemble the parts. These vary according to the sponsor, but may include:
      • Budget
      • Budget justification/narrative
      • Facilities and resources description
      • Biographical sketches
      • Letters of support
      • Abstract or summary
      • Project description
      • Cost-share commitments
      • Appendices
    • Have a colleague and Grants Office review proposal.
    • Ensure compatibility with U of M regulations:
      • If needed, foundation/corporation contacted through appropriate channels (Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations guidelines followed).
      • Limitation on number of proposals from institution.
      • Institutional Review Board (IRB) human or animal subjects training and approval secured (if appropriate or if using stem cells, chemicals, recombinant DNA, etc.)
      • Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Parts 1 & 2 and continuing education completed.


  • Submit final draft of proposal and budget to Grants Development Office five (5) working days prior to funding agency receipt deadline.
  • Ensure compatibility with U of M Proposal Routing Form (PRF). (Grants Development Office will prepare the actual PRF.)
    • Project-related income
    • Project-related conflict of interest
    • Space needs
    • Cost sharing/matching
    • International component
  • Grants Development Office will obtain required signatures from division chair and dean.


  • Grants Development Office will submit the fully signed and final proposal to sponsor.