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Developing and Submitting Proposals

Step 1 – Brainstorm and Plan

  • Contact Grants Office with your funding needs and/or ideas as early as possible
  • Grants Office will help you identify funding source(s) and obtain forms and guidelines
  • Inform the Grants Office if you know there is a "match" requirement or cost-share requirement
  • Discuss plans with discipline colleagues and division chair

UMM Internal Funding Sources **** U of M Resources **** Funding Search Databases

Step 2 – Draft and Prepare

  • Draft proposal and budget. The Grants Office is available for assistance with proposal development and budget development
  • Contact the Institutional Review Board (IRB) if human or animal subjects are involved in project
  • Have colleague(s) review proposal
  • Submit early draft of proposal and budget to Grants Office for review
  • Assemble/prepare all required attachments including vitas and statements of collaborators

Step 3 - Finalize

  • Submit final draft of proposal and budget to Grants Office five (5) working days prior to funding agency receipt date
  • Grants Office will help you complete funding agency forms (if any)
  • Grants Office will set up online submission account (if necessary)
  • Grants Office will inform division chair and dean that the proposal is forthcoming
  • Grants Office will prepare the required U of M Proposal Routing Form (PRF)
  • Grants Office will obtain signatures from division chair and dean five (5) working days prior to the funding agency deadline (application and PRF)
  • Review application checklist items

Step 4 - Submit

  • The Grants Office will submit the final signed and approved proposal to the funding agency through the mail or online, as required by the funding agency

Required Training

The University of Minnesota and its faculty, students and staff share a commitment to the responsible and ethical conduct of research and scholarship. To be eligible to serve as a principal investigator (PI) on a sponsored project, University of Minnesota researchers must complete the responsible conduct of research (RCR) core curriculum. They must also complete additional instruction in specific topics.

More information on core curriculum and continuing education requirements visit Research Compliance.

Post-Award Assistance

As soon as the principal investigator is notified of the funding decision, please contact the Grants Office and forward any documentation. The Grants Office will obtain signatures and negotiate all award contracts on behalf of the Regents of the University of Minnesota.